Selling B2B Tech to Africa using Proven Techniques

June 26, 2020

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, global economic slowdown, and an increased demand for access to black-owned businesses, a group of African-Canadians and Americans, subject-matter experts in cross-border African tech transactions are going to share  recent experiences from successfully selling tech to African business.  

This webinar is a beta test, and feedback will determine whether and how to improve future such events. For this reason, and the nature and detail of our discussion, we are limiting the live session to 20 people, and will make a recording available after two weeks. 


Our Playbook 

The number one dealbreaker in any contract

Term sheet takeaways: Five things your lawyers won't tell you

The top technology demands across West Africa

How to finance  travel and expenses ...pre-revenue

Three clues that your prospective buyer is wasting your time

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