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Providing digital security

Advancing global society

Engineering the free exchange of ideas 

Engaging partners with global solutions

Facilitating commerce,  sharing information and providing education.   

  • Proudly minority-owned  
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  • Globally Distributed  

Our Team

 African-Canadians and Americans, subject-matter experts in cross-border African tech transactions experienced in  successfully selling tech to African business.  


Frederick B. is Managing Director of AfriBridge IT,LLC. He is a certified Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) with over 12 years’ experience in Information Technology.  He leads Database Security and Access  implementations and operationalizing for fintech.

Larry B.  has over 17 years of Cyber and Information Security leadership experience. He has over eight (8) years of experience managing and leading implementations and operationalizing  Secure Platforms.  He also secured numerous patents.  

Kojo M. is the founder and CEO of Invictus Africa Group, an investment company that partners financial and strategic investors seeking opportunities in SubSaharan Africa.

Kojo is the former acting CEO and a co-founder of Shanduka Group, a South African investment company that has a multi-industry portfolio of 30+ investments valued in excess of $1 billion. He was also previously the Managing Director of Shanduka’s R300 million private equity fund, Shanduka Value Partners Fund I.

Kojo earned his economics degree from Georgetown University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kwame D., Esq., is an attorney-advisor that draws upon his varied experiences to inform and prepare clients for industry-wide challenges and opportunities ahead. Previously, Kwame practiced with a global law firm before managing Africa projects for a Fund of Funds. 

Kwame earned his juris doctor from Columbia Law School. He holds master’s degrees from the London School of Economics, attending as a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, and from the University of Amsterdam. He also a graduate of York University and Tsinghua University, where he studied Mandarin Chinese.

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Improving African Cybersecurity  

Afribridge identifies pioneering SaaS solutions and implements then across Africa's leading enterprises.

Our team is the only firm focused solely on deploy the next generation of endpoint protection that prevents breaches, eliminates passwords, and mitigates risks.

AfriBridge IT, LLC deployed  now HP Sureclick)  the world’s most advanced endpoint security to protect one of Africa's largest financial institutions.  

Eliminating Passwords via BlockChain

AfriBridge IT partnered with   HYPR, True Passwordless Security®  to distribute its technology globally. 

HYPR®  uses blockchain technology to eliminate phishing and password reuse for consumer and employee-facing applications.

Unlike authentication methods that rely on centralized passwords stored inside the enterprise, HYPR leverages public-key encryption and FIDO-Certified Authentication to securely store your users’ credentials on their personal devices.  


Previous Topics Include 

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    • Free (and paid) resources you can u to find selling opportunities to governments, banks, and health companies.
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