Our Passion. Our Commitment.

Fearlessly Connecting the Dots for emerging companies and investors operating across multiple borders, most notably, across Africa. 

Small business has gone global.

Why haven’t small business lawyers?

Scotch + Palm was borne out of the frustration faced by a group of Silicon Valley investors and New York attorneys who were trying to effectively make impact investments overseas.  We have become the trusted resource for numerous mission-driven emerging companies and individual investors with complex business and legal needs

Our Unique Core Values Guide Define Us.

We believe squares don’t circle (we are selective about who we work with and what we work on);

We punch with a golden fist (we hit advocate fearlessly for our clients within defined moral and ethical bounds);

Asymmetry or death (we didn’t earn our victories by being traditional, so we won’t pretend to be normal in our approach to the law).

2017 Scotch and Palm